Bálint Balassi Secondary Grammar School of Balassagyarmat is an institution with long standing traditions and excellent results in the field of talent support. By our complex programme of talent care, we aim to identify students’ fields of special gifts, developing talent maps and helping the gifted ones develop as well as providing them with follow-up opportunities.

Apart from developing the strong points, we also consider it our task to support personal development as well as strengthening the weak points students might have. Talent support is partly carried out with the help of our own programmes, partly in cooperation with other institutions, seeking out and offering our students the best available possibilities and programmes. As an accredited talent support point, we are part of the talent support point network, and maintain a closer cooperation with our partners Imre Madách Hostel and Márk Rózsavölgyi Primary Arts School, with the institutions of the János Arany Talent Support Program (23 pairs of institutions), with the Institute of Educational Research and Development, with the Pedagogy and Special Pedagogy Departments of Debrecen University, and the National Association for Hungarian as Mother Tongue – with the latter, we work together for the identification of specially gifted students. We organise competitions in primary and secondary school categories (natural sciences, environment protection, arts and language, creative projects).

Bálint Balassi Secondary Grammar School of Balassagyarmat is ready to play an active role in the establishment of cooperative relationships between the educational institutions of Western Nógrád county, in the identification and coordination of talented young people and in the organisation of professional events. The institution maintains daily communication with the professional organisations, and we regularly exchange information online with all the primary schools of the area. We can provide venues and organisation for regional and Slovakian talent care events as well as for professional forums. Our internationally recognised experts and teachers, speaking several languages, are ready to provide help in talent care, in the creation of its international literature and of its network.